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Artist statement

I create objects that have a use. These works function to fulfill the desire of a particular goal I have in mind and are often realized or practiced through a performance-type interaction with the object. When developing these project-based works, strong consideration is placed on both the history and current everyday use of the materials employed and on the politics and constructs of the locations in which the works and performance exist. In this haptic search I often parallel or draw from previous eras and movements and use these to gain perspective. Through this search I find reoccurring themes of individuality, absurdity, the context of the museum/gallery, luck and chance, and questioning of traditional domestic roles and paradigms.
My current work started with a cucumber that grew imbedded in a fence and lead to creating sustainable modular building blocks from grown and molded Lagenaria gourds. In recent times these gourds have been used as decorative birdhouses and art, but they have also served as functional vessels for thousands of years by cultures spanning the globe, and are believed to be one of the earliest cultivated plants.
These modular gourds have been the main focus of my recent work, and are created in conjunction with forms built from inexpensive construction materials and fragments of reclaimed and recycled buildings. The work shares aspects of gardening, quilting, and decorative craft along with art, architecture and design. I also use these gourds to critique the traditional architecture of the birdhouse as a notion and embodiment of the “nuclear family”. This is layered with the influence of Gordon Matta-Clark’s 1973 Splitting, as a departure point from traditional ideas of domestic architecture and the monumentality of structures.
These grown and created forms also unintentionally aesthetically can resemble objects produced by early modernism, and with this observation I scrutinize the imposition of my own vision of architecture and design on backyard flora and fauna, and the problematic structures of any utopian ideal.

Artist Statement